Club Competition – 2 February 2024

This was the third of this season’s club competitions. The set subjects were:

Colour print – “Pretty in Pink”; Mono print – “High/Low Key”; DPI – “From the 19th Century”. Also included were Open entries for each of the colour, mono and DPI categories.

We were pleased to welcome Jim LeFeuvre, who is a recently qualified judge and a first-time visitor to our club. It was clear that he had given a lot of time and thought to his critique and gave honest assessments with suggestions for improvements.

After some initial confusion over the results, the winners were:-

Colour Set: Lynda Piper for “Pelargonium”; Colour Open: Andy McGarty for “Late Summer Glow”

Mono Set: Lynda Piper for “Perch Rock Lighthouse”; Mono Open: Dave Withey for “Skewed”

DPI Set: Lynda Piper for “Sober Shepherd for Hire”; DPI Open: Leslie Pallant for “Kayak City Skyline”

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who entered.