“You are the Judge” – 6 January 2023

We were pleased to welcome back Ian Bateman, who had last judged one of our club competitions on 2 December. First of all, Ian gave us an insight into the guidelines used by judges when judging club competitions before presenting some of his own images which our members had to judge!

There were 20 images in total, and members were split into groups of three, each group provided with a scoresheet with space for comments. 60 seconds were allowed for each image projected in which to determine the score and make any comments. The sheets were handed to Ian, who collated the results.

After the break, the scores given by each group were displayed alongside each image. Members were given the opportunity to comment on the images, particularly in relation to how they arrived at their scores. It was interesting to see both wide variations in scores for some images as well as consistencies with others.

A very enjoyable evening, well presented, and with full membership participation.