Night and Low Light Photography – Tony Worobiec – 15 December 2021

Because of concerns over the spread of the Omricon variant of Covid-19, we have reverted to holding meetings via Zoom, starting with this one, for the time being.

We were pleased to welcome Tony Worobiec, FRPS, accomplished photographer and author, to give a very interesting and comprehensive presentation on night and low light photography. Images were shown of subjects taken at dawn, dusk and at night to illustrate the effects which can be achieved. The range of subjects included landscapes, architecture, fireworks, water and neon lighting taken in a wide range of locations, both in the UK and abroad.

Useful tips were given such as the correct depth of field to use for landscapes, use of crossover lighting, where photos are taken at the appropriate time when light readings from the sky and subject are equal, taking advantage of moonlight and the best use of fill-in flash.

This was a well-received presentation, which provided lots of inspiration together with helpful advice on techniques to achieve the best results.