Mono and Colour Prints of the Year, plus DPI of the Year – 22 April 2022

This was the first of our end of season’s competitions evenings, this one to determine the Mono and Colour Prints of the Year, and also the DPI of the Year. Entries were submitted by members from images put into the club competitions for 2021-22. We were pleased to welcome Derrick Holliday as judge.

The mono prints were up first and Derrick seemed particularly keen to see blacks in the image, so tough on those who entered toned mono prints, e.g. in blue or sepia. The winner of the trophy for the Monochrome Print of the Year was Justin Harris for his image entitled “Castle in the Clouds”.

Next up were the colour prints. The winner of this category, and the Birchall Cup, was Andy McGarty for his image entitled “Tickles for Etty”.

Finally, the DPIs were shown and the winner for the Pooley Cup, for this category, was Chris Dorrington for his image entitled “Metal Man”.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Derrick Holliday for his commentary and judging, involving a total of 69 submitted images.