Honiton v Maldon Battle, 2nd Leg -17 February 2023

This was the second leg of our annual battle with Maldon Camera Club. Both legs were held via Zoom, with Maldon hosting the first leg on 9th February, with Sue Dobson as judge.

Each club entered 30 good quality images of a wide range of subjects, shown in random order. At the end of the first leg, we were in the lead with 244.5 points to Maldon’s 233.

Our leg had Peter Wells from Yorkshire as judge and the scores were Honiton 237, Maldon 224.

With total scores of Honiton 481.5 and Maldon 457, we were delighted to have won, especially after last year’s narrow defeat.

Thanks to the judges for their scoring and detailed critique, to Lynda Piper and her selection team, for putting the entries forward, and to all the members who submitted their images.