Club Critique Evening – 4 November 2022

Members were invited to submit up 5 DPIs each, prior to this meeting, to be collected and randomly, and anonymously, compiled before being circulated to members via an online voting process. There was a total of 78 images, which were then allocated scores, by members in readiness for viewing on the evening.

There was a good selection of high quality images, covering a wide range of subjects, and members had the opportunity to comment on them.

The top scoring images were:

Equal 5th place: “Streetwalker” and “Eiffel Tower” – both by David Faulkes

4th: “Hoverfly” – Nick Boggon

3rd: “Head in the Clouds” – Lynda Piper

2nd: “Kewtiful” – Claire Fry

1st: “Sculling” – Justin Harris

All these images can be seen on the club’s public facebook page.

Congratulations to the high scorers and thanks to all members taking part and for voting.