Club Competition – 6 October 2023

This was the first of our club competitions this season and we were pleased to welcome John Baker from Teignmouth as judge.

The subject categories were: Mono Print “Juxtaposition”; Colour Print “Intentional Camera Movement”; DPI “Playing With Time”, plus Open entries. The images were varied in their interpretation of the set subjects and in content for the Open entries. John gave useful critique throughout and the winners were:-

Mono Open: David Faulkes for “Stormy at Stonehenge”.

Mono Set: Equally shared by Andy McGarty for “Dancing by the Groynes” and Leslie Pallant for “The Past and The Future”.

Colour Open: Lynda Piper for “Kitchen Abstraction”.

Colour Set: Leslie Pallant for “An Ocean Sunset Is Musical”.

DPI Set: Dave Withey for “I Want My Time With You”.

DPI Open: Norman Pettet for “Kelpies Detail”.

The images can be seen on the club’s Facebook Page.

With time to spare at the end of the evening, John kindly agreed to partake in a brief question and answer session on general photography topics.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to John for his judging and to chairman, Leslie, for supplying cake!