“As I See It” – Rosemary Wilman, HonFRPS,ABPE,AFIAP,APAGB – 29 January 2021

We were pleased to have Rosemary Wilman join us to give her presentation -“As I See It”. She presented her images as a number of sections, inviting questions at the end of each one.

The first section was a selection of random images, including some minimalist and abstract themes. We were then transported to the Isles of Harris and Lewis, with abstract-like landscapes and textures featured.

Yellowstone National Park was next up, with images taken around the hot springs, in summer and winter, the latter featuring some of the wildlife. This was followed by a series of dramatic images taken of the Kelpies at Falkirk.

India was the next destination, with interesting studies of people at Amritsar. Then on to Santorini, with a selection of striking images of white buildings, some with contrasting colourful features.

It was then back to colder climates, with images from the Arctic Circle in Norway, featuring the Aurora Borealis and stunning snowy landscapes. Finally, on to Iceland, with its rather bleak-looking landscapes, glaciers and, again, the Aurora Borealis.

An excellent presentation containing wonderful images.